Friday, July 25, 2014

this may not work for me...

The last move i made was a random ,messy affair and I've determined that this one will be more organized.

Famous last words, right?

Doing my best to cut back on stuff,  liquidate,  etc etc etc

But, I'm a flea market guy... i live on STUFF.

So...going through clothes as they come out of the dryer... it's my favorite hang around the house doing nothing shirt.   It's been washed a gazillion times, its all broke in and comfy... but can i really justify moving it across state lines?  I mean.. its my fave... that coffee stain down the front just gives CHARACTER,  right?
Ok.  Its gotta go.

And yeah... i know i have a good dozen pair of black dress pants, and i only really wear two of them.... but these are the ones I wear to funerals.  Even tho the other black ones are just as nice , these are the funeral pants.   You gotta have funeral pants, right?

And no, i havent worn that uber cool jacket since i quit the night club business... and yeah... its old enough to be retro now... and lets face it... I could probably sta k books on those shoulder pads, but that's my club jacket, dammit... and you may be starting to see why moving doesn't really go that well for me...


  1. Anonymous7:17 PM


    I truly wish I had some great sage advice to offer here, but alas nothing since I to share your conundrum on this matter. :-) Hoping you discover the happy balance, and even more so, hoping you share it with us, it’s all part of this new life adventure you are about to embark upon. – gary

  2. You leaving Texas?????