Monday, August 25, 2014

Here I am...

I know, I know, I said I was gonna check in on Sundays.  Monday is gonna have to do this week...  I've had to take it easy today.  I came about one inch from having heat stroke on Sunday.  

Its been hot this summer.  And everybody always goes, "but it's a dry heat..."  like that's supposed to make it better.  

I'll admit that 80% humidity is almost unbearable... but when you breath in 10 to 15% humidity, and exhale 30 to 35% humidity, just breathing dehydrates you.

Now, people who live on more arid parts of the country know this, but until recently, this part of Texas wasn't necessarily the more arid part of the state.  

Maybe it's global warming, but it's been extremely hot and dry this year and we aren't necessarily prepared for it.  

What out boils down to is that I pushed myself a little too hard on Sunday, and its challenging to drink enough liquid coming in... i really have a hard time drinking a gallon of water before noon, but as far as i can tell, that's what it's gonna take...

I'm also looking at keeping aspirin on me at all time, NOT Tylenol, not Ibuprofen,  old fashioned aspirin.  Turns out it makes you absorb water quicker.  

But, Since I had a big case of wore the hell out today... i crocheted.  Skulls for shoes...

And a couple of hanging bottles...
And I've about OD'd on TV.

The last day at the cotton candy company was ok... id spent two weeks hinting that i liked chocolate cake and come lunch... NOTHING.   

That's just hateful.  

Anyway... afternoon break showed up, and lo and behold... little debbie snack cakes.   

Better than nothing.


  1. Anonymous9:34 PM


    I don’t know about you, but me and Little Debbie go back, way, way back. Guess you might say, we have “history”, lol. Anyway, I can’t believe there was not some little lunch time farewell party for you, but I guess some places/people are a little jealous when someone has the chance/opportunity to move on with life.

    The bottle hangers are fantastic!!! I don’t know about your area but around here, at all the local wine festivals to be exact; you could sell the loads of those in wine bottle size. People are snagging such things up right and left at the events, and much is no were as nice as you hangers.

    Now the skulls on the shoes are the bomb, I just want to know how long it takes you to whip out a pair? Not being a fiber artist myself I am always in awe of you guys that create such amazing works, Bravo!!!

    Now for my little fuss, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!!! Drink your water and lots of it. Ok, not telling you anything you don’t already know, just be careful and take care of yourself. But thanks for the mention of aspirin as a hydration aid, will start taking one on mowing days.

    Take care. – gary

  2. Gary... hydrate is the word of the day, i assure you. The thing is, once you have a problem in that area you seem to be prone to it for the next few months. About a month ago, the AC at the factory went out and i almost passed out on the machine. Ever since, I've had to be really careful.

    We don't really have wine festivals here, hence the beer bottles. The joke is... the hard thing about making those bottles is drinking all that beer. Of course, crocheting after drinking all that beer is challenging too,

    The skulls... I've made so many skulls i can do those in about 20 minutes each.

    Any other questions? Lol

  3. You be careful with that aspirin! It is sooo hot here too, Claude....just miserable. I am so used to humidity, I'm quite sure dry hot air would make me die. I can't be out there more than about 30 minutes. Just walking to my Moms house 7 doors away and back, you have to take a shower cause you are drenched in sweat! Those skulls are so cool. Amazing how quickly you can make them too! The bottle hangers are really great! I would use them to root plants! Yes, you could sell those like hotcakes at the greenmarkets!

  4. Julie... to be blunt, i do as much as i can early in the morning or late at night after the sun has gone down. Not much happens in the heart of the day.

  5. Oh dear. If you're worried about the humidity in Texas, Louisiana won't be better. Good luck!!! The hard part is sleeping when you're sweating. It's challenging, but a/c is a beautiful thing!

    I wish the bestest, most wonderful life in your new adventure. I think you're doing absolutely the right thing. No one as smart as you should have to work at a cotton candy factory to make ends meet. Good luck, Claude! I hope you keep us posted!