Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Some Etsy advice please.

So... it's probably been well established that i work in a flea market.  

Its probably also been established that I'm a not of a scrounge.  I'm not exactly a dumpster diver, but if i find out you're throwing something away, i might want it...

Anyway, the last round of storms that went through left a pile of sheets, curtains, etc damp in one of the dealers booths.  I cornered them they were walking to the dumpster, and aquired them.  

After washing the mildew smell out, I ripped them into strips, and crocheted them into bags.   

Like this...

And the flea market Ladies went bats.  Of five bags, this is the only one left, and only because wasn't finished.  

And tje ladies have all promised me more sheets and stuff...

So, here's the question... If I put these on Etsy, is $20 too much to charge?  They're very convenient.   If they stretch or get dirty, you just throw them in the washer.

They work as shopping totes.  They're upcycled.   All the green buzzwords...

What you think?


  1. I think that's a fair price - you have to value your labor. People may say that they can make their own, but chances are they won't, and you have been. I say go for it. And good luck!!!

  2. Nice work.
    I doubt its an easy job to get it this done quickly.
    So I guess if it sells quickly then its definitely ups for grabs.