Friday, November 22, 2013


Saw a coyote today... didn't get a pic tho... he was hanging around the dumpster of the church, in the parking lot behind the house.

We've had some bad weather today, wet and cold days, and I guess tje coyotes are looking for an easy meal... but you don't see them often, they're very wary. so I very quietly watched.  They're fascinating to see. 

Then, as he began moving away across the parking lot, another coyote came out and joined him.  Except... this one was white.

I've only vaguely heard of white coyotes before.  They're rare.  The native Americans referred to them as Spirit Coyote. 

I was awestruck. 

I slowly reached towards my pocket for the phone, and the camera, but the slightest movement on my part immediately drew their attention, and they disappeared. 


  1. I bet that was awe inspiring! How great! Wow!!!!!! I am in Iowa right now and there are deer everywhere, which just thrills me! What a difference compared to where I live!!!!!!!! Oh, it snowed the evening and night we got here! Only my second time seeing snow! I've clearly led too sheltered a life!!!!!!!

  2. Meh. The coyotes here are not shy, and they're everywhere. We were walking along the river a few days ago and four of them crossed the path right in front of us. They couldn't have been less interested in us humans. They were the size of German Shepherds.