Saturday, July 10, 2010


Now, it's probably no secret to anybody out there that I'm not the perfectly manicured lawn type. I just don't apprecieate them. Especially not if you're expecting me to be the one out there doing all that manicuring.

You feed them, water them and do everything possible to make them grow, and then, the split second they grow... you chop it off. At which point, you water them to make them grow again...

it makes no sense.

Plus... if you have a perfectly manicured lawn, you miss things like this...

I have no idea what kind of weed/wildflower this is, but I have to say it's cute as the dickens. Probably prompted into bloom by our recent rains, it's a cheerful little guy, and each bloom being less than a quarter inch across. If it bloomed longer, it would no doubt be a much cherished addition to the garden... as is, we just enjoy it for what it is... whatever it is...
I found it growing in the lawn outside a factory/warehouse so I had to take a shot for you...


  1. well, this is one purdy little weed!!! I wouldn't mind a whole patch of these cuties!!!

  2. The wild flower is very pretty. Yes, I agree with you about manicured lawns.The energy spent manicuring them can be used for looking after other plants.

  3. I read an article recently about a plant that was once considered a weed, but after A&M managed to make it about half the size and bloom longer, it is now being sold at the nurseries...wish I could remember what one it was (some yellow daisy variety).

  4. When I go kayaking I find the prettiest weeds on my hikes! I love to take macro pictures of them. Weed flowers can be awesome!