Saturday, July 17, 2010

nothing at all...

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Oh Well...

I've had one of THOSE weeks... although I have to admit that yesterday was the worst of it... so when I got home about 5 pm, I kinda collapsed into a comfy armchair and woke up about 10 pm because the neighbor was pounding on my door... but I'm getting ahead of myself.

So, Thursday... the worst day at work imaginable... Picked up at a church office. An envelope that's going 30 miles away... OK... picked up another order on the way, get to where the envelope is going and it's locked up tight, signs say appointment only, with a couple of phone numbers... I call the phone numbers which ring inside the empty office... call dispatch, he calls everyone he can think of... 45 minutes later and the other order in the truck is already late, so I go drop it off.

Then I go to the airport to pick up, sign all the papers, go through all the security carp, and the guys in the warehouse bring up 12 boxes. That were damaged in transit. Nice... so I demand, on the behalf of my customer, a damage report, call dispatch, so there's another 45 minutes of sitting in a warehouse... actually standing in a warehouse. There's a small square painted on the floor where you have to wait. No chairs. Security guy sitting in the only chair, staring at you. Whatever...

Finally get the reports, loaded up, take the reports to the office of the actual shipping company that I've been subcontracted through, then, on the way to dropping off the boxes... I'm exiting the freeway when some woman bashes into the back of my truck. I'm fine, she's fine, my truck is fine (big metal bumper back there has a couple of scratches) but her little KIA is not in good shape.

Another hour wasted while she tries to convince a cop that bashing into the back of my truck is all somehow MY fault... then I deliver 12 boxes, some of which are damaged, total weight of 250 lbs, to the 9th floor of a bank building.

Then I called dispatch and said... enough.

So today was actually rather uneventful.

I made deliveries... and that envelope from yesterday is still in my truck, no one will answer any phones at the pick-up or the delivery now... finally, ended the day by taking the envelope to my office and telling them it was their problem now, came home, collapsed in the comfy armchair, woke up because the senior citizen neighbor has a smoke alarm going off... turned out to be a dead battery alarm so I ran to the store, bought a nine-volt, changed the battery under the watchful eye of their guard dog... and haven't been able to even think about going to sleep since.

And that's my life.

Wee haw.


  1. had me reading your story to husband and daughter, and we were laughing...not at what all you had to do, but at WHAT ALL YOU HAD TO DO, and ALL THAT HAPPENED TO YOU! My God, what a freakin day!!! I am so glad both you and the Kia driver were OK. Did you take Friday off??? I probably would have come home, gone to and bought a 3 day weekend in Tahiti!!! LOLOL!

    I was just out shopping and when I walked in, my husband told me I had recieved a call about that job I applied for and to call her back! I called, and she wasn't at her deask, so I left a message and am now waiting for the call. I sure hope it is good news! Thanks for all your nice comments on my blog, all the time, Claude!

    Hope your weekend is going smoothly and with all joy and happiness!!!

  2. Dang that is definitely a rough day! I can't believe that lady actually wanted the cop to think her hitting you from behind was your fault. What a goob! I'm with Julie you need a vacation! Hope your weekend is good!!!!!

    Take care,

  3. I hope your weekend made up for last week! Let the good times roll over some Roman chamomile. So it's Anne Lamott (sp?) this summer?