Friday, July 02, 2010


I've posted about this plant before.

The thing is, it's been raining for about a whole week solid... well not exactly solid... the days start out all right, sometimes even sunny, but by the afternoon... well, you're just driving along and suddenly, it looks like someone up and dumped a swimming pool over your truck.

It's not fun.

Especially when you're hauling mattresses.

But I had to post something... I mean, I've resorted to clothes hangers in the previous post. That's scraping the bottom of the barrel...

So, here's the Episcia. NOID. It's a cutting off a plant that was given to me by a lady down the street. Well over a year ago.
Planted in one of those evil self-watering pots that promote root rot and yada yada yada... but quite frankly, if you expect something like this thing to survive in my house, it has to be in one of these pots. You skip watering an episcia, and they just don't get over it.
It sat for the longest time in my kitchen window...but it outgrew the window and kept mounting attacks into the sink... now it sets on top of the terrarium where the African Violets are living. I figured there was enough light for the African violets, there's enough light for this. It seems to be happy.
Wish I liked it better. And really, I don't know why I don't except that, like the African violets, it just ain't my style. It's not like I hate the thing... if I did I wouldn't have said "What a nice flame violet" when I was at that ladies house for coffee and at a sudden loss for topics of conversation. Of course, I immediately ended up with a cutting. I should of kept my blasted mouth shut... warning... don't go handing out compliments when you're out of things to talk about...
So, I don't really like it... and I don't really dislike it... I guess I'm more or less indifferent... and if I had anything else to talk about, this post wouldn't exist. Hmph.


  1. Ha! Well, I had just enough time to run out to the chinese buffet between the hanger post and this one! This plant reminds me of my beloved Fittonias! The leaves are very pretty. I can see why it would go into a sort of frilly plant category though!

  2. Yeah it's been rainy and cloudy all week down here in Austin...not that we're complaining. We need the rain and the non-100-degree temps are fantastic.

  3. yes, I have a problem turning down free plants...thats how I end up in trouble. :)