Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Standing Cypress...

Texas wildflowers still have the power to impress me on occasion... I saw these on a late day run to Granbury, so I stopped to take a really quick pic on the way back...

These are Standing Cypress...

Following info copied from Texas Wildflowers Information and Pictures
Standing Cypress
Scientific Name: (Ipomopsis rubra)
Definition: Standing Cypress ranges from East Texas to Gillespie and Taylor counties. The bloom is a spectacular column of scarlet trumpets displayed from May to July.

And of course, there's more info and much better pics available at the UTAustin's Ladybird Johnson page...

So what we got here is a plant that blooms for aproximately 2 months in the beginning of our Texas heat... and the ones I photographed today are bloomin in an overgrown pasture that hasn't had any rain for over a month. And they're still producing masses of flowers on top of 4 foot stalks...

And there were plenty of butterflies flittering around, and I'm sure that if I'd been able to stand there long enough, a hummingbird would have shown up.

I soooo need some of these for the yard. Seriously... imagine these growing in and around some prickly pears or yuccas, or even among the iris that have stopped blooming... I need these. Really really really badly.


  1. Claude, Well when you get yours could you pick me up a couple? (lol). Post us when you plant it. - G

  2. Oh, God, can you go back and get some seeds???? Lawsy...you need these BAD!!!!!


    They really are pretty and nice bright color too!!! I like them a lot. That reminds me, can you grow ocotillos there? Hopefully I spelled them right...I know they can in Arizona...they are real pretty too...long stalk like things, I believe with orange blooms! I wish I could grow them here...I may try anyway!!!!

    I mailed you a box this morning...am thinking it should be there on Thursday, Friday at the latest!!! A little summer surprise!

  3. Gary, any of these plants I get are mine... all mine...

    Julie... I probably could get seeds, but they're growing about 45 miles away and I don't know of any in the immediate area. I'll probably buy some seeds though, they evidently do very well in gardens. Ocotillo's will grow here, and they grow wild in West Texas. They need a little extra drainage in our area though, and since we have more water, they tend to stay upright rather than make the classic vase shape you see in the desert. They may grow for you in your climate... they'd keep their leaves throughout more of the year there, again you have more water. come to think of it, these Standing Cypress are kind of reminiscent of ocotillo, arent't they?

  4. Wait... a box! whoo hoo... I got a present coming...


  5. Yes...these did make me immediately think of the Ocotillo. I have wondered if they would grow here, but it seems I had read something that indicated they would not. Well, one clue is that they don't sell the plants or seeds here. Not sure I feel like many more experiments...that is not very sporty of me, is it??? Oh well...ever onward!

  6. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Dear Claude, I met you at Fox Paw Lodge [although I fear we have not been introduced] and have followed you all the way to Texas and your extremely eclectic weblog which is, reading through a number of your postings, refreshingly different to say the least!

    I am continuing to follow, but now via Google Reader, and hope not only to learn more of Prickly Pears [not really suited to London or Budapest where I live] as well as more about your gardening and related activities.