Thursday, June 03, 2010

and back to gardening...

Anyway... after my short little reminiscence about my glamorous past...

This is the Pseudoechinopsis 'dominoes' blooming again. (I know, I know... it's probably not a real ID but that is what was on the tag, and it's going to have to do until I find out the real ID. Ease up already... sheesh...)

The pot is so light weight that it tips over when it blooms, so I snuggled it up against one of the Agave americana in the yard until I can get it repotted...

And my official second harvest of tomatoes.

Wee Haw!
And now, on a totally unrelated note, does anybody out there know one darned thing about Royal Haegar Pottery?

I know the bare basics... the difference between haegar and Royal Haegar is that Mr. Royal was a pottery designer, and he put out a high end line. And I know that this vase, even though it verges on ugly, was a bargain at 5 bucks.

It's about 15 inches tall... which is fairly large for this sort of pottery... but despite the fact that I work in an antique mall and flea market, I've never picked up much on this company. Except I tend to know it when I see it... which is pretty bloody easy, as it says it on the bottom.
Anyhow... if anybody out there enjoys this kind of research, or just wants to tell me... I'd appreciate it...


  1. Well hey! Nice blooms there, Mister!!! I love that pure bright white!

    I was able to find quite a few of your Royal Haegar Pottery peices and the history of it all. Here is a sight with tons of info regarding the man and the company:

    The color of this vase is fascinating! I really like it!

  2. Nice blooms!! Nothing on any of my cactus yet! I am loving all my veggies and yours!!!!!!

  3. Nice tomato harvest, and the vase ... the glaze is so crisp looking that at first I took it as glass. I will also have the check out the site Julie posted for you. Now I think I'll go fix me a tomato sandwich, ohh can you spare a tomato ??? Hope it's been a good weekend for you. - G

  4. I know nothing about pottery so can't help at all. I was hoping I could as you have been so good at helping me with cacti identification.

    Will your tomatoes produce all summer or does it get too hot there like it does here? Tomatoes usually stop producing in May here, but since we had such a mild May mine were still making tomatoes until two weeks ago. No more now until late October!

  5. Aiyana... Tomatoes do all right up through most of July, but then I typically take cuttings and start new plants for fall. We can usually have fresh tomatoes for Thanksgiving.

    Gary - Haegar glazes are pretty distinctinve. And I've never seen quite this color... it's really a nice piece.