Thursday, February 11, 2010

Random pics and stuff...

well, I haven't posted lately, because, quite frankly, there wasn't anything worth posting about... nothing much has been happening here. But I keep taking pics and hoping something will pop... here's a few of them... This is the Geralds Creek Baptist Church, built in 1915 and still used today.

Geralds Creek is near Nemo TX. Nemo isn't officially a town. Niether is Geralds Creek... Gerald Barnard settled in the area in the area in the late 1800's, and a trading post and loose community gathered. Jimmie Johnson settled nearby, and when the 40 or so residents applied for a post office under the name of Johnson Station, the Postmaster wrote back suggesting a shorter name... one of the residents took offense saying that if Johnsons name wasn't good enough then no ones was, so they used the name of Nemo... which is latin for no one.

Nemo never had more than 60 residents, and now is just a loose collection of farms... I only know about it because I've had to deliver machine parts to the sand pits... it seems that when the glaciers went through here during the ice age, they dumped large amounts of sand in this area, and it's now being mined... mostly for cement I think...

This is an area down the road from the house... nothing to look at here really, just one of my crazy wierd ideas...

see, what happened is that the last time the grass was mowed by the highway, it was too tall and winter rains have clumped the dead clippings up... I find myself looking for patterns in the dead grass... somehow, I've convinced myself that these are letters of a strange language, and I keep thinking that if I stare at them long enough, I'll get a message... from whom? I dunno... aliens? God? Maybe Gnomes? Yeah, I know, I need to talk to someone about this, but I'm too busy trying to decifer the lawn to find a psychiatrist. Besides, if I actually do figure it out, I'm sure it'll be life changing.

and this is the pic of an Amaryllis that I bought on clearance after Christmas... he's blooming well enough. Come spring, I'll plant it outside with the dozen other ones I've collected.


  1. I have some crocus coming up in the plant room , their little purple heads fill me wit hope. *sighs* there is near 3 ft of snow and in some places it dunes around 4 ft. The snow is driving me batty. Being a Texas girl in a Iowa world is not exactly going well.

    Geralds Creek *sighs*
    Last time I was there I was on a wild lavender hunt when my son was maybe 4 months old.
    It makes my heart ache for home.

  2. I am thinking it has to be messages from gnomes!!!

  3. Interesting story about Nemo. Does Geralds Creek have more than one church? We go hiking near a little community about 40 miles from here. There can't be more than about 75 people there, and there are two churches across the street from each other. Your letters in the field remind me of the time we saw Hitler in our bathroom floor (when we lived in Kentucky). SAM spotted him first.