Friday, February 12, 2010

cactus babe update...

Well, they don't look much different except for one thing... there's 2 more of them. Within another couple of weeks, I should start seeing their "baby spines" Not really spines so much as little white fuzzy hairs... it'll probably be a couple of months more at lest before I get real spines.


  1. Claude, I don't think I have ever seen cactus sprouts. Thanks for keeping up date posts on them. Looking forware to watching their progress. - G

    PS - Hope your snow event is over with out much problems.

  2. They are so cute!!! You are as vigilant a father watching over these babies as I am a mother over my collards~!!! LOL!!!

  3. Those little cacti are awesome! I'm excited to start my lithops and conophytum!