Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rambling round town again...

Well, Monday, not today, I actually had some time off in a part of town that I could take pics, so I took a few. Unfortunately, most of them ended up looking like the work of a first year photography student, and I didn't like them.

This is the only one that I thought was worth showing anybody, but it still has that photography student look to it... a little too self-consciously artistic...

It works, because of the contrast of the old, half torn down building, with the new skyline in back... (That's Dallas, by the way...) and of course that wonderful Texas sky. But, I still find it a little too self-conscious to really like it...

But then, I'm probably thinking about it too much, right?

I had a decent day at work, but it didn't end well. I'm having to take a pay cut to keep my job... it would be worse, but I know that the office has plain, flat out laid off people, and of the 2 VP's, one has taken early retirement, and the other has taken a demotion and pay-cut, so it's not like many companies where the top level keeps getting richer while everyone else suffers. But, it still doesn't feel good to know that I'm going to have to tighten my belt a little more. I mean, I'm a skin-flint now, how much cheaper can I get?

I didn't come here to gripe. So I'm going to leave now...



  1. I am sorry to hear about your pay cut. Lord...it is getting so scary with all that is happening...Keep a stiff upper lip and maybe plant a garden for eating. Hopefully libraries will stay open...I pray!

    Your photo is awesome...it has so much going on! I love it!

  2. Claude, Claude, Cluade, That photo is perfect-professional looking! Nothing student looking about it!But I know you are thinking- What does she know.... rifgr?lol I am buying a few can foods each week for storage and a few other things.....It dosen't look good for any of us.......

  3. The current economy is so scary. I was laid off 2 years ago, and it was devestating, but I was able to get into a much better job. Just last month my previous job laid off 47% of my previous department, so it looks like it was a blessing they let me go when they did. I had several friends lose jobs and there are just no IT jobs in this town and so many talented people looking for work. My best to you- I hope there somehow turns out to be a silver lining.

  4. Julie... libraries should do good. I for one am not buying books, and I try to stop in the library every weekend to find something to keep my mind occupied. And the economy is one of the reasons I decided to try those straw bales in the back yard... I now have 4 bales and I'm going to grow tomatos, cucumbers and squash... Plus some pole beans growing up my fence, and maybe some sweet potatoes in another set of tires... I'm not sure yet...

    Pudge... I always have some canned goods in the house... probably comes from growing up rural, when the nearest store was 25 miles away...

    Dee... I keep reminding myself that my ancestors survived the great depression, and that was much worse. We'll get through this. But I do keep thinking that we need some creative solutions, and everybody seems to be stuck thinking in their box.

  5. I'm also a skinflint in a way--I've always lived under my means. Haven't had to stop any bad spending habits since I didn't do it to begin with. I always figure if times get tough for me, I can always find ways to survive, even if it's collecting cans. At least I hope. This economy is scary, but I'm old enough to remember several other periods of tough times. The markets do what the markets do. Ups and downs. The only thing that changes is expectations of people.