Monday, February 23, 2009

I swear, I've been good... Honest!

Yes, I know I've been carping about not working as much, and not making as much money, and growing my own veggies and basically just being self-congradulatory about how cheep I am and not spening my money...

But that was before I knew there was a 4 1/2 foot tall plaster of paris floor lamp shaped like a cactus sitting in a Goodwill in Lewisville, Texas with a $9.99 price tag...

And if anybody out there thinks I didn't buy this obnoxious thing and drive it 35 miles home, then I don't know who's blog you've been reading, but it wasn't mine...

Here it is:

Or more precisely, here it was... you see, it was that awful pastel blue that you used to see a lot of in the late 80's Southwestern decor, which makes a certain amount of sense, as that's probably when it dates too... But the paint was chipped in quite a few places, and I don't want to remember the 80's anyway, so I stopped at Lowes and invested in a can of more natural looking matte green... And while I was at Lowes, I saw a 2 1/2 foot tall fiberglass saquaro for $148.00... so I think I got a good deal.

Not bad huh? The flash on the camera makes the color a little lighter than reality, but you get the idea... I'm thinking that I need to find something to glue on for the spines, just to make it more realistic... My first thought was nails, but since this is replacing a floor lamp by my bed that I really never liked anyway, it occured to me that the last thing I need is to have one too many beers, then impale myself on a nail-studded plaster cactus trying to turn the light off... It might not be that easy to explain in the Emergengy Room. So, this is fine for now.

So, I have rewarded myself for being financially responsible for the month. Besides, this is my official 200th post, and I had to buy myself a present to celebrate.


  1. Yeah on your 200th post, Claude!!!

    I had such a good giggle reading your post and SEEING what you had bought!!! LOLOL! This is fabulous!!!!! I really love it after you painted it!!! How awesome!!! Enjoy it...something tells me you really will!!! Today is Cactus Monday and it was a pleasure to see what youv'e done!!!

  2. yeah, yeah, yeah... I need to take more pics...

    But the last few posts have been really uninspriring, as far a pics go...

  3. 200! WOW!! I don't even know how many I have done. A lot of the SW pastel artificial decor is showing up at our local Goodwill. Guess everyone is changing. I do like the cactus lamp painted green!

  4. haha!
    you are not going to put a lamp shade at the top are you ?