Monday, February 09, 2009

I gots flowers!

I went outside to take pics of this years first daffodil blooms, and of course my gardening assistant, Phennig, promptly had to come over and see what I was up to...
And before you ask, Phennig is a German word for penny, and he got named that because that's all he's worth...



  1. Phennig really should meet a fellow blogger friend of mine (marianne, from Mandals and More)'s
    cat, Sjimmie. He is a black cat who lives in Holland. They are both beautiful! Phennig is most certainly worth more than a penny...he is priceless!!!

    Beautiful daffodils! I can only wish!!! (they won't grow down here)! Sadly.

  2. never grew a daffodil, don't have a cat-your pic makes me want both!

  3. Pretty daffodils! I tried them years ago, but they were really puny, so I never bothered again. Phennig is such a great name for the cat. I like to hear unusual names for pets, and think people should confine them to pets and not to their kids. Seems celebrities are the worst!