Saturday, October 06, 2007

Hi Ho... Hi Ho... back to work I go...

Well, the clutch is fixed, so off to work I go. Actually, went... two days ago. Those few days of not working really helped a lot. I fealt so much better after I was rested up. And the lovely office I mentioned a few posts ago... they've finally, after at least three months that I know of, gotten rid of the dead office plant and replaced it with a silk tree... Now, I don't like fake plants, but it's better than the dead one!

Put a few more things on ebay. The Murano Glass squirrel is going HIGH priced. Surprising, I guess the gold flecking is rare.

I listed a shoe shine box, which dates to the 50's to 70's, almost impossible to tell for sure. It's one of those things that I really like, funky little pieces that actually have a use.

Not much else to say... a few little fitz & floyd pieces, a piece of Frankoma, stuff like that...

Did get a surprise in the yard today... there's this little orchid that my mother got for a present. One of those things you get at the florist, they usually die... Well I have friends who grow them, they always say, "Oh, they're easy to grow..." and then they start giving you this list of requirements that I have no time or patience for... anyway, mom gave me this thing, because I'm the one in the family that actually grows things, and as soon as the blooms died, I shoved it outside on the patio and forgot about it. Went out today, and the darned thing is putting up flower buds... It's nothing too special. A little Dendrobium, but I am impressed... as soon as it blooms, I'll get a pic.

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