Thursday, September 13, 2007

random thoughts...

Got up at 4:30 AM, and couldn't get back to sleep, so here I am... figured I would drop in here.

Latest delivery story... can't tell you the name of anybody, that's client information, but there's this place I have to deliver too. They're accountants, they do the books for some of the biggest companies in the area. So once a week, all the paper work is delivered to them from the factories and production offices, then later all that paperwork is delivered back... Pretty standard for a courier, and no big deal.

So you get to this office with 15 file boxes that weigh about 50 pounds each. You put four on your 2-wheeler. You wrestle your way through the door that wants to slam shut on you.

You are immediately confronted with a reception desk that's covered with dust and has never been used. You look around, to your right is a big conference room that has never been used. To your left there is a chair and a plant. A dead plant. Three stalks sticking out of a pot, and a circle of brown leaves on the carpet. No one in sight.

You call out "Hello"

From a half open door, someone yells, "We're back here"

So you manuver your way around the inconvienently placed and totally useless desk and go through the door.

There's a rather sad looking office, with 8 women who've just stopped caring.

None of them under 200 pounds. None of them have done their hair or make-up. They're all wearing polyester stretch pants and old t-shirts.

One looks at you and says - "they go over there" and kind of motions with her head. you assume that she means the table against the wall, because that's the only table that doesn't have dust on it.

So you start hauling in boxes, despite doors that want to slam on you, and indifferent employees who certainly aren't going to go to any effort to be of assistance.

Then you ask... "who signs for this?"

All of the women look around at each other, totally silent mind you, until one rolls her eyes and actually stands up and just looks at you. So you walk across the office, because it's obvious she's not moving an inch, and she signs the ticket. Then you leave.

This is my job.

great, huh?

I've got to find something else soon...

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