Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The great cabbage experiment, part 4

So... the cabages are definitely growing. The single head... who Im calling Clark,  has progressed from this....

To this....

Not too shabby, huh?  Of course, 
there's no sign  That clark onintends to actually form a head yet, but lets gove him time. 

The 5 headed core is now at this point... and im not too happy...  
what i did 

was pinch off three of the growing points.  I just wanted to increase his chances of doing something.  And then i dubbed him Bruce.   

As stated, there's no signs yet of an actual head of cabbage forming, but, at least in the case of Clark, I do have a nice attractive plant... almost as attractive as those ornamental kale that you buy... so if nothing else a few may show up in the flower beds this fall...


  1. Awesome experiment!!!! They will look great in flower beds !!!! Or even better in your stomach! Lol.

  2. Claude,
    I have been greatly enjoying watching the progress of your cabbage experiments, sorry to read about the drama at the flea market and loved the wild flower snaps for the field across from “cotton candy land”. Sorry to be compressing all this into one comment, but know that I can once again drop in to say howdy I am try to catch everything up. Hoping all with you Clark and Bruce goes well, :-) - gary