Sunday, June 01, 2014

Flea market drama

Who would think that a bunch of people having what is essentially a glorified yard sale would have this much fuss?

Ms. M, the concession lady it's no longer at the flea.  They tried to evict her and her boyfriend, who is a separate dealer over something that happened well over six months ago.  Actually, happened with her boyfriend not her... managers were caught bending the truth, boyfriend is still there, they asked Ms M to return and she told them 'most certainly not' but not that politely... (if there's anyone who can out cuss a Tezan it's a Louisiana Cajun, just saying)  They offered me the concession stand... I said hell no.

1) I know for a fact that it has never turned a profit.
2)  I refuse to take over a kitchen until it's been scrubbed and sanitized, which is going to take a week
3)  I don't have a health permit anymore
4)  there's no running water in there and I'm not up to hulking in twenty to forty gallons  every day
5) I'm also not dragging pots,pans,etc home every night to clean them...

Well I could go on.

Just rest assured, its not gonna happen.

Needless to say with this cloud of angst looming overhead, business has been challenging.  I am a firm believer that anyone in sales should leave their crap at home.  Honestly, a foul mood can reverberate across the parking lot and repel customers.

So,  I do my best ignore it, But other dealers keep camping by my booth to discuss events.


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  1. Oooh, bad juju. Why on earth would anybody WANT that concession with no water? Just be disgustingly cheerful and upbeat when the grouches come along and pretty soon they'll either leave you alone or change their tune--you are soooo right about the bad gunky repelling customers. They may not know what it is, but they feel it.

    Good luck!