Monday, March 31, 2014


Small wildflowers, often thought of as weeds, are sprouting and blooming in Texas lawns.  I've always been fond of them... having never particilarly cared for a lawn that looks like a golf course, I find 
these free flowers charming.

First,  blue eyed grass... a small native member of the iris family.

Sisyrinchium ensierum

Then, the windflower, Anemone heterophylla, white most common... occasionally lavender...

The wild verbenA is just starting its bloom, and givem the oporunity will continue all summer.

Verbena bipinnatifida

And this crow poison or false garlic, which looks much like miniature

Northscordum bivalve


  1. I love weed flowers too! So sweet!!! Hope you are feeling better!

  2. I found your blog in a search for the white siberian irises you wrote about back in 2010! Mine were here at this house when we bought it, and I got a bloom for the first time this spring...trying to figure out what they are. Enjoying the blog-backlog of reading. Cheers!