Saturday, March 15, 2014

I've been a bad, bad blogger....

Yep... I haven't written a word in over two weeks. And I haven't checked out anyone else's blog either, which I have every intention of doing soon. 

Thus new job is kicking my pants. 

First... standing at a machine for 8 hours a day is on nobodies list of top ten thrills... couple that with breathing airborne sugar which does hideous things to your blood sugar levels... not to mention your sinus cavities, it's just not a good thing.

Of course, standing at a machine performing repetitious actions does mean that I have time to think a lot... and several things occur to me to write for the blog... but then I get off work with a case of sugar jitters,  soon followed by a sugar crash,  and nothing really ever gets written down, and by the time I do go to write something down,  I don't seem to have much memory of what I was gonna write, or, if I do, I don't remember why I found it interesting. 

Of course, you eventually get acclimatized to most conditions, and the crashes aren't as harsh as they once were... although for about a week there I was having some rather interesting foggy states.  I can only describe it as what I would imagine sleep walking to feel like... I was evidently up, walking, talking etc... but I don't remember much of it. 

Anyway, that's passed and now I'm evidently acclimated to it. 

I buy a case of twelve bags of cotton candy to take to the flea every week, and I sell out every weekend.   Interesting thing about that is that I don't sell it to kids... I sell it to adults.  If a child sees it, parents say " definitely not," and drag them away spouting off about the evils of sugar.  I think the youngest person who's actually purchased a bag was about 16. 

One lady said she was going to use it to make a cake.  Evidently, she makes thin sheet cake and after it's baked, spreads a layer of cotton candy over it, then rolls it like you would a jelly roll. 

Another lady mixes it into homemade ice cream. 

Having basically O.D.'d on cotton candy on a daily basis, neither of these concepts sound particularly appealing to me, but y'all might be intrigued so I put it out there

The most intriguing thing I've run across is one lady with a rather colorful past who's been buying two bags a week.  I remarked that she seriously seemed to enjoy her cotton candy as she replied, "oh, it's ok I guess... But I've been using it to make hooch..." and she wandered off before it really registered on me. 

Now, for those of you who don't know exactly what hooch (also spelled hootch)  is, it was usually made in prisons or other institutions, by appropriating a 1 gallon can of fruit (peaches or fruit cocktail were popular but any fruit would do) adding a bit of yeast filched from the kitchen, then waiting for the inevitable fermentation.  The un-distilled liquid crime these cans, usually hidden under a bed, packed quite a punch.  It is also probably very close to the original alcohol produced by our ancient ancestors. 

A little research also tells me that a quantity of cannabis may be added into the mix for an extra boost... which is illegal, of course, but the kind of people who make hooch on a regular basis don't seem particularly concerned with such things.

Now... I'm dying of curiosity.  You can't just announce that you're making hooch out of cotton candy without at least giving me a hint of the recipe. 

I'm not saying that I'm gonna make any.   I'm pretty sure it would be pretty toxic... I just wanna know how it's possible.  I have an enquiring mind.  Maybe I'm writing a novel, and such details are important to provide authenticity. 

Anyway... I need to start some plants for the flea soon, so maybe this blog will get back on track eventually.


  1. Claude,
    A little recipe for your inquiring mind:

    - Mix 1 can of pineapple chunks with 2.5 cups of sugar
    - Let stand for 10 days, stirring daily
    - On the 10th day, add 1 can of peaches with juice and 2.5 cups of sugar
    - Let stand for 10 days, stirring daily
    - On the 20th day, add 2 cups maraschino cherries (drained)
    - Let stand for 10 more days
    - Serve over pound cake or ice cream

    This was a big hit at all of my Grandmothers bridge parties in the late 70’s, enjoy :-)

  2. Gary... we used to call that Church Lady Cordial... lol, it always sounded to dang sweet too me, but some people love it.