Sunday, February 02, 2014

Howdy all...

I have been neglecting my blog,  and my blogging friends... actually,  Not so much neglecting as running myself ragged. 

And not so much running as just being busy. 

Regardless, those crocheted hearts from a couple of posts back have proven very popular.   I have to make as many as possible,  in black lace, for a fellow vendor.  She sets up booths at various events, and she tries to specialize in handmade items.  And as talented as she is, there is a limit how much you can make in a day, So she wants those necklaces. 

According to her,  tje cycle ladies love their black lace.  (From what I can gather, if it looks like something Stevie Nicks would have worn in the 80's, they want it.  Basically, tough but feminine at the same time.)

She'll sell them and well split the price , which isn't bad because tje prices at tje rallies and such are higher.

So I've been crocheting away.  And there's nothing like making something top make you think of other things can make.  Dizzying.

On the craggy blog there's a picture pendant I figured out, if you wanna check it out. .. Anyway,  I've been distracted. 

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