Wednesday, October 02, 2013

well, I'm trying not to be so scattered but there we are.  Later today, I'll be  updating new pics on the little goth bob site... I got sidetracked by the flea market.   Here's what happened. 

Someone at the flea had something that they wanted to sell for $60 bucks, but we don't really have the customer base for it out there.  So I said, put it on Craigslist.  Well, she doesn't have a computer, and the only cell phone is one of those primitive ones that make phone calls and that's it... (How third world) 

So I listed it for her, and it sold for $150.  I considered it my good deed for the month... no big deal. 

But she insisted on giving me $50 for it, (after all, she'd only wanted 60) and said she had some comparable things to sell, and anything over $100 I could have...

Of course, other dealers out there came to me to sell on craigslist immediately, because you'd be amazed at how many people are intimidated by that site.  Really, you're reading a blog, so you're obviously a little computer comfortable at least, but there are people out there that plain flat out shake in their boots when confronted with a keyboard... and many of them seem to be living fairly rural and dealing in flea markets, and I have been declared the flea market computer wizard, which is really amazing since I don't know even the most rudimentary html code, so all that's been taking some time...

And in the process, I've also been listing on some of the Facebook groups.  They have all these groups that are for buying, selling, trading, or just plain flat out giving away stuff.  They're a good source of items for me, and a good outlet for selling things for me.  They also swallow up time. 

And right now, as I type, I should be mowing a nearly 1 acre lawn.  And after that... I'll take pics of little bobs and get them posted. 

Sounds like a plan.  We'll see how it works out... 



  1. I really hate dealing with Craigslist, personally. I've sold plants there before, but everybody's so flaky. They don't show up at all, they don't show up but then e-mail to reschedule and then don't show up for the rescheduled time either, they show up on the right day but 90 minutes late, they show up at the right time but don't want to buy as much as they'd said they would, or didn't bring cash, or brought cash but not change, etc. It never winds up going smoothly.

    1. Mr. S... I go the easy route. I say this is at the flea. I give the address. I say available from Friday to Sunday. And bring cash. First come first serve. Then, when i have cash in hand, i delete the post. You should try the Facebook groups... there should probably be a gardening or houseplants group you could join, and either buy sell or trade for something you want

  2. WOW! Great job getting that item sold! She must have really appreciated your help! Hope you got the yard mowed! LOL.