Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mushrooms again...

 Well, it's mushroom  season in Texas... cold autumn rains followed by warm autumn days result in rather fantastic displays in the lawns...
         While some people hate the toadstools, mushrooms, and fairy rings in the yard, and will immediately run outside with plastic bags and gardening gloves to restore their lawn to golf course smoothness... I like the things.  I think of them as free garden ornaments.  They're also a sign of  
        I've identified the species, to the best of my ability... I've never been confident of my ID of mushrooms.  Which is why I've never been tempted to harvest wild mushrooms for dinner... there's always the chance that I'll kill myself and everyone else... except of course for Morel mushrooms, nothing else looks like a morel mushroom, but I haven't run across any of them for years. 
        Anyway, click on the name  under the pic, and it's a link to the Mushroom Experts truly excellent site.
And speaking of truly excellent sites... there's a new blog in the blog roll... called Eat The Weeds... The acorns are starting to fall, and I'd heard of Acorn Flour, but I'd never had any experience with it, so I did a little web search and ran across that truly excellent and extremely informative blog. I highly recommend you check it out. 
As for acorn flour... here's the post and it sounds like a real pain in the ole patootie, so I probably won't bother, but nice t know I can make it if I have to... 

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