Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What is this?

Taking a break from the tomatoes, well be right back I promise. Spent the morning taking a long walk in the country. I had some things to think about, it's easier out there.

The great thing about the country is its ability too constantly surprise. Found this by the road growing on an old fence. I'd guess one of the passionflowers... no blooms in sight, just these salmon colored fruits...

Intetesting. Any ideas for an ID?


  1. I hope those fruits are edible. I've added a passion flower vine to part of the garden as a host plant for butterflies but was hoping for a bonus of fruit to harvest someday--if the plants aren't completely gobbled up.

  2. You've probably got Passiflora incarnata, it's the most common one available to home gardener's. the fruit are referee to as maypops, and are edible

  3. Anonymous8:11 AM

    I'd rather think it is cissus trifoliate from looking at the leaf structure. A common little vine that is native to Texas. Very thick, waxy leaves and because of the 3-lobed leaves sometimes falsely accused of being poison ivy.

  4. Well, these leaves aren't thick or waxy, and all the web references say small black fruits, not these inch wide orange balls, so I don't think it's cissus trifoliate.