Monday, July 29, 2013


I was winding up the hose when I found this toad frog snoozing the day away in an abandoned flowerpot.

 It's huge size points out that it's probably a female. I'm sure that if I was able to ask some male toad frogs, they would say some thing to the equivalent of  "Hubba Hubba" 

Usually, the toads dig into the dirt or hide under the mulch for the day.   I have no earthly idea why she chose to perch herself in a flowerpot that is precariously balanced a foot and a half above the ground on a stack of other empty flower pots, but I'm sure she has her reasons.  Maybe she's hiding from those over amourous admirers, being the amphibious equivalent of Marilyn Monroe and all.

I left her be, there's a couple of dozen out there at least, and they're voracious predators of insects. I'd hate to think how overrun we'd be without them...

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