Friday, November 09, 2012


Well I can publish now. Finally.  Unfortunately... while I can see that I have comments... Icant seem to publish them yet.

Still on the job hunt.  It has its moments...  today I went to a Lowe's hardware store to apply because they had a handwritten sign inn the window that said they are hiring for three positions.

So I walk in and they point me to the kiosk because they only take applications on line.  Im thinking, " dang... I could have done this at the library.  In comfortable shoes. "   But, Im game... get on their excruciatingly slow computer... press all the buttons then it tells me that there are no jobs to apply for.  Not in this store. Or in a 50 mile radius.

So I ask the person at the desk... they say they're hiring.  I ask why the machine says they're not.

I get a shrug.

I ask if there's a paper application.

Nope they only hire through the web.

But theres no jobs listed, and it won't let me fill out an application without a listing.

So, she shrugs.  Rolls her eyes and says..."I dont know what to tell you."

See, this is kind of strange, because I know exactly what to tell her... but I'm fairly certain that she realized this because she suddenly got a panicked look and bolted...  and thats kinda how my life's been going lately...   anyway.  Hope all my blogger friends out there are gearing up for a wonderful thanksgiving.  I should be in touch a big note now that the mobile blog is working...

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  1. Job searching is very difficult these days! I am finding the same kinds of things. I have found the best possible way of actually having any kind of success, is to sit and look for larger and most reputable companies in your area, and go DIRECTLY to their own websites (not any third party ones), and apply. With those, I have actually gotten responses!!!