Sunday, November 11, 2012

Its just one of those days...

So... I'm working at the flea market.  Turned out that the regular guy got a case if the stomach flu thats been going around.  ( Watch out for it... everybody who gets it says out feels like food poisoning.  For three or four days.  Ugh) 

So, I agree to cover for him.  No biggie.  And three extra money is welcome right now.  Everything is cool.

So... today, Sunday, a little boring especially since football season is going Good... until its evidently my duty to confronts customer.  You see... somebody thought out would be cool to bring his pet pot belly pig shopping. 

No... I'm afraid you can not bring pets into the store.  Nor livestock.   Breathing, nonhuman entities must leave.  Yes it is cute.  But really.  No I'm afraid so.  Yes.  In serious.  Really.    GET THE DAMN SWINE OUT OF THE DAMN STORE.  DAMMIT.

See what happens when I have to skip church?  It's not pretty.

But, the pig was cute as the dickens.

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