Thursday, October 04, 2012

howdy howdy howdy. 

just letting everyone know I'm still alive.  I've been laid off from the job, so what time I get on the internet is usually spent filling out applications.  I've tried just hitting the streets... but if I hear the phrase "We don't take paper applications..." one more time, I may explode...

Actually, I'm doing just fine for the moment.  later folks. 


  1. Oh dear, Claude! I surely know what you mean with the trials and tribulations of job hunting. Good luck and I will be praying something perfect opens up for you very quick!

  2. Claude,

    Glad to see your post, sorry about the lay off. Hope all goes well with the search. – gary

  3. I had left a comment last night, but not sure it took! Best wishes to you Claude in finding a new job! It is hard, but it can also be done. I will have you in my prayers!

  4. Times are bad .... keep safe and best of luck.