Sunday, August 12, 2012

checking in...

Sunday morning.  I should be getting ready for church, but I have decided I'm not going today. 

Right now I'm down the street watering someones lawn.  They took off on vacation to South America to visit family, and left me their keys so I could water their yard and make sure the house was ok.  And use the internet. 

Global warming has not been kind to us this year.  Triple digits started in early July... usually they hold off until August.  So far the highest it's been is 108F.  That's  the official temp... but when you're on the pavement all day it's actually a few degrees hotter.  Not a lot of fun out there. 

We've been having a few days of milder heat though... yesterday it was 99.  It was a relief.  How sick is that? 

So far the plants at the flea market are selling pretty good... I'm actually having a hard time keeping things stocked.  Big pots with combinations of succulents don't sell as well as small rooted cutting though.  People want the little starts of plants rather than the big impressive ones.  Go figure. 

Really just checking in.  Hope everyone is doing well.  TA


  1. Hi Claude! I am driving across Florida right now...heading home, and reading your post to my husband. I told him how you sell at a flea market and know a lot about antiques. He wants me to ask you if you ever go to Canton for antiques???

  2. hey julie... haven't been to Canton for a couple of years. Been thinking I need to go back through there again tho...

  3. I will let David (hubby) know your answer. Funny he knew about that town and the antiques there. Ah well, he is always a man of mystery, surprising me all the time with his stored information. :)

  4. I'm glad that you checked in and that your neighbors are so generous. I'm not so sure that ours would do the same even though they're very nice people. Today was the first day in I can't remember how long that it hasn't rained. We sat outside for a few minutes tonight and actually star-gazed.