Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ok... so you know when you are trying to get your Christmas poinsettia on the overloaded shelf, because that's really the only place you have to put the thing, and you accidently knock something else off the shelf, so you kinda instinctively grab for it?

well, that doesn't work out so well sometimes. Especially if what you knocked off was a cactus.

What I'm trying to say is... OUCH!

And, speaking of ouch... one last statement about my fabulous career as an angel. Wearing wings hurts. Seriously, they are strapped on you with elastic straps that cut off the circulation to your arms, bite into your flesh and pull your shoulders back into an unnatural scrunch. Four days running of that, and I feel like somebody has pounded me between the shoulder blades.

But now I have a little extra time to catch up on my blogger friends.

Merry Christmas, y'all...


  1. Claude,
    So what are you trying to tell us here? That it’s better to play at being a demon rather than playing at being an angel? (lol).

    OK, so in the picture, which one of those little numbers did you try to catch? I hurt just looking at the picture much less the thought of trying to catch one on the fly. - G

  2. Oh, goodness...the joy of moving plants for the winter! I actually had to move all my vegie plants (the ones in 5 gallon pots) tonight for a possible 'too close to freezing for comfort' possibility tonight!!! My hubby and daughter helped me carry them into the screenroom just before dark. I hope all my succulents in the tires will be OK. I never got back out with a sheet cause it is so windy...I was seriously doubting if I could keep a sheet in place. Oh well...praying for the best. Tomorrow night will be worse. Such fun.

  3. Gary - don't know that being a demon would neccesarily be better. But I suspect it would be more fun... as for the airborn cactus... it would be the small white fuzzy one in the front of the pic. Each of those tufts of fuzz has a long thin spine in the middle. Not the most fun I've ever had, trust me.

    Julie... I have some of those covers that consist of a circle with elastic around the edge here... think of a giant shower cap for your plants. They're not too pricey. Think I got em at home depot.

  4. CelticRose6:13 AM

    You're not alone, Claude. I caught a falling M. rhodantha once. Lol, I knew I was a plant freak when I checked to see if the cactus was okay before taking stock of my own injuries. ;)

  5. Daughter's advice for sore shoulder blades if you can't get a massage? Roll around on a tennis ball. It works pretty good on another place if you get sore from too much sitting. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't help with the cactus prickles, though. Did you ever get your truck fixed?

  6. W2W - got the truck back today. I'm off to work tomorrow. The cats will, no doubt, be glad to have me out of their way. I seems I am disturbing their sleep too much.