Tuesday, December 21, 2010

And the Trauma continues...

so... here we go... get woke up bright and early Monday morning by someone ringing the doorbell.

It's a cop.

someone two doors down has had their truck broke into, and cop noticed mine had been hit too...

Cops before coffee... wee haw.

They stole my stereo... which quite frankly is no big loss since it stopped working last year sometime and I never replaced it. I gotta hear a GPS talking, the dispatch talking and occasionally my cell phone... I didn't miss it. But, like a fool, for some unfathomable reason, I had left my GPS unit in the truck... and that's gone. so, damn.

So, can't work Monday like I planned, and off to get some things done at the flea market... Pick up a used GPS for 50 bucks at a hock shop... (yes, I realize that I may have just replaced my stolen GPS with someone elses stolen GPS, but money is tight right now... ) and I get home to find an envelope stuck to my door... Inside is a Christmas card that says "I realize you're having a tough time right now, please accept this..." and there's a $50 bill inside. It was signed by one of my neighbors.

Then I see my other neighbor, the snotty ones I rarely talk to, but I know that she's there alone at night sometimes with two kids, and the right thing to do is give her some warning of what's going on in the neighborhood, so I mention that there's been a rash of robberies lately. And she gives me her typical snotty look and says... "Oh, I know... they stole my husbands stereo last week... they got the gun he had locked in the truck too..." and she kind of ambles off...

Now 1) Well thanks for giving the rest of us a head up, sweetheart. Then 2) Why the hell does your husband keep a gun locked in a truck that doesn't have a burglar alarm? and 3) Now we have ARMED burglars in the neighborhood... that's just spectacular....

And now that I think about it... that's kinda how my life has been going lately... something that makes me feel like crap, followed by something that makes me feel all warm and blessed, then followed by something that pisses me off royally, and this see-saw is bloody exhausting and I wanna get off... really. I'm not kidding. It's wearing me out.


Got that off my chest.

Sorry about that...


  1. Oh, Claude...what a pisser! This really stinks. I feel so bad for you...glad you got another GPS though...that is GOOD!!!

    Sounds like you need a sandwich like the one I just fixed for myself (late night). It is a tuna/mayo with some Herbs De Province and pepper mixed in. Then sliced tomato on top and some pepper jack cheese...on toasted oatmeal bread (Pepperidge Farm). It is so good, I am embarrased to say I am eating it like this, with wild abandonment...basically don't care. It is good though...and I hope you will make yourself one and just ENJOY!!!

  2. I hope that in 2011 the order is reversed for you, and you have two good things happen for every one sh***y thing!

  3. Claude,
    I am truly sorry to hear about your miss fortune and wish I had some profound words of sage advice to give that would help. All I can do is hope that your luck is like the Winter Solstice that we have just had and that your luck like the coming days start getting brighter from here on out. – G

  4. Sounds like a repeat of my recent blog!! We installed a alarm- replaced the stereo and steering...then my computer froze up-$60 to fix. All in all we spent over $500. Then $3,500. for fix up on a small rental!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope we both have a Happy NEW Year