Monday, November 01, 2010

Flea Market Stuff!

well, some of you over the past have expressed interest in the flea market stuff... so, I thought I'd show you a couple of things...

But first, I have to apologize. There's still no damned camera in the house. These were taken with a cell phone, specifically so that I could list on Craigs List... People in Flea Markets tend to list on CL to get a wider range of buyers. That, and when people come to pick the item up... Often from 50 miles away if they really want it... they usually look around and buy a few other things too. Seriously, a few computer savy dealers in the mall can make a big difference to the enitre store... In my listings I always reveal that I'm a flea market dealer. I don't think it's fair not too actually...

Now first... a couple of velvet matador paintings... believe it or not, there's a large market out there for this sort of thing...

A pretty cool oval mirror... 4 feet by 28 inches... it's pretty nice... but don't let it decieve you. The frame is plastic...

And these are actually way cool... 2 vintage diner counter stools. Right now I've got them marked at 45 each. They were rescued from a diner that was going out of business in the early 70's. Neat, huh?

And that's my fantabulous post for the day.
It's really appalling how much you depend on your digital for blogging, isn't it? I mean, I used to be able to actually write... now I have a hard time without illustrations...


  1. I had an ex-SIL who loved matador stuff! The inside of her house, you would swear, was located in Spain!!! These are pretty cool!

    It's funny, when I saw you had posted, I was wondering if you were still doing the flea market thing! I was so happy to see that you were gonna show us some of your stuff! So fun!

    I adore the little plastic mirror frame! So sweet!

    I always wanted a red 50's dinette in my house...I would feel Fonzy could always come walkin in for coffee!!! These stools are beautiful! The price is good too! I'm sure they will sell quickly.

    Take care Claude!

  2. How fun, love those diner chairs!

  3. Claude,
    Thanks for the tour of the flea market and those stools, those wonderful stools. - G

  4. I'm ashamed to admit I may have had one of the velvet artworks! Not sure if it was Elvis or???? I think I sat on one those counter stools at our locale ice cream shop! That may have been my mirror!LOL Love loking thru your stuff!!!!