Saturday, December 05, 2009

nothing much at all....

I haven't been blogging much. It's not that I'm ignoring you, it's that there's absolutely nothing to say... everything has been a bit of a grind lately...

The pic is from a dart game we had at Tradewinds Social Club... I'm not much of a dart player. The fact that I was playing darts, kinda shows you how bored I was. Quite frankly, I throw the things and if they even hit the board, I've achieved a lot... but my opponent did this...

That's right, he threw a dart, and it got stuck in the end of the previous dart...

And that is the most exciting thing that has happened this week. Sad, huh?

The guys over at cactus blog gave my prickly pear cactus jelly recipe a mention. Woo Hoo! I've been watching their blog for months... they're very knowledgable.

We had our first snow of the year on Wednesday. It started out raining, then it snowed, then it rained. More a wet, cold, muddy mess than anything else. And, of course, if it's a wet cold muddy mess, then you know, I had a flat tire in the middle of it... And the guy who sold me the truck last September had replaced the jack with one that I swear was made for a tiny little Honda. And it didn't have a handle. I was not happy.

Last night, we had our first freeze. I'm sure I lost some plants outside. The worst was the Stapeliad gigantea... I was madder than all gitout, until I remembered that I had taken cuttings- well, I'd taken some branches that had fallen off and put them in a pot inside. So I didn't totally lose the thing... I think my big sanseveria is gone too.

So, I guess things have been happening. But not a lot I was really thrilled about...

And, BTW, for some reason my blasted computer won't cut and paste... I was trying to cut and paste the link for the Cactus Blog, and it won't cut and paste at all... it does give me a little blue box for Accelorators, which I've never used in my life and I don't want, so I had to type in that link by hand. Dammit.


  1. Seems like it has been rsining everywhere!! So sorry about your flat tire and loss of plants! That was quite a shot your dart partner made!!! LOL! Too bad that wasn't a lottery! Don't worry...something exciting is bound to happen soon and we will be just waiting to hear about it! Tee hee hee!!!

  2. Anonymous6:09 AM

    Sounds like you have a spyware problem or adware problem. I would go to and download their "free" program to get rid of that kind of thing. I think it is called AdAware. Anyway it works.

    Or, you can unplug your computer from the internet connection and the "restore" the computer to the last time you used it where cut and paste worked. Then plug it back in to the internet.

    You have a nice blog. I hope you find something to do that interests you so you don't have to throw darts ever again.

  3. Oh , the stapelia , I had one get frozen last year , I brought it in and gave it fair treatment even thought it looked all black and purple and shriveled I was very easy on the watering (because it looked dead) , and it came back like a furie. (iowa freeze is bad) don't give up on em yet , bring em in and find em a dry bright spot and wait and see is all i can reccomend.

  4. Not exciting? A flat tire in nasty weather with no functional tire jack would raise my blood pressure a few points. So would losing some valuable plants. What do you consider exciting? Congrats on the cactus jelly fame, by the way.

  5. It is great that you found the cactus jelly recipe. Congrates for that.

    Best wishes.

  6. Maybe you should make it for sale!