Monday, January 06, 2014

Crocheted flowers

I've never been that big on crocheted flowers.  There's a few reasons for it... one, no matter what you do, they're chunky looking and they don't look anything like a real flower.  They also remind me of bad crochet toilet paper covers from the 70's, the ones that little old ladies loved to decorate with....  Right up there with those crocheted dolls... pardon me while
cold shivers run down my spine...

But i have a particular project in mind, and it requires crocheted flowers.  So, i bit the bullet.  I had to look through about every crochey book in the house and several online sources, but i finally came up with these.

The daffodill actually looks ok.  I put on the mesh simply because i was trying to figure out how it was gonna attach to my project... that's not how I'm gonna use it though,  the pansy... well i went through about a dozen patterns before i came up with one that finished up pansy-ish enough for me, and this one will look better when it's got a yellow knot in the center sewing it to the project.  

I spent too long looking for those patterns and i don't wanna misplace them,  so I'll be copying them to my crafty blog in the next couple of days, along with sources, and designers... 
if you're interested, the patterns are on my other blog at this LINK


  1. Wow!!!
    I didn't know you had these thoughts about flowers this way.
    I had found that this craft is slowly fading off around my area..
    Soo.. I guess unless something modern and contemporary is designed and brought anew.
    Its going to be like what you said.. old women, toilet paper and well - flowers...

  2. Those are adorable! I think they both turned out great.