Friday, May 17, 2013

And the heat begins...

Hit 90 today, so summer is starting. Got our first afternoon wilt, where the plants get droopy in the heat. Your first instinct is to water, but that is a mistake. As soon as the sun sets, or even a shadow shelters the plants, they recover. These wilts are necessary to prompt the plant to develop strong roots, if you water they don't bother and may even rot. If they're gonna survive 100+ later, we gotta tough em up.


  1. I try to go out either early morn or in evening. I am seriously NOT LOOKING FORWARD to summer!!!!!

  2. So true! I admit to spoiling my plants, though, especially the tomatoes. I want them to produce bushels for me. Not likely but desired nevertheless. The prof giving the tour at the turf research station said that grass is like a teenager. Give it everything, and it gives you nothing but heartache in return.