Monday, March 25, 2013

And so we carry on...

Spent the weekend doing a temp job. I was an usher at the Fort Worth Kennel Club dog show. Fun enough, I suppose, if you can call standing in one spot for 8 hour days fun.

Dogs were fun. Their owners... not so much... but they're under a lot of stress so I'll be generous.

It was at the Will Rogers complex, which is a huge and rather confusing place, and was also hosting a flea market, a dance competition and an art show at the same time, so a big part of being an usher was telling lost people where they needed to be.

The second day of the show I spent in the toy breeds arena, which is really the sheep barn for the stock shows. The problem with that is that all the show people move the animals in carriers which they roll around on carts, and being a stock barn, the floors aren't really even... nothing like looking up and seeing an out of control cart full of pug dogs barreling towards you.

Hope everyone is having a great week...


  1. But having a cart full of pugs barrelling toward you does sound like an episode from a sitcom.

  2. Claude,
    Most excellent !!! Of course I was not the one standing and dealing with frazzled pet owners, lol. And who else better then our Claude to be telling some people “where they needed to be”, lol. While I make light of it, I know you carried out the duty courteously and professionally. After all, out of all of us, you are the one that deals with the public at large the most. But I have to wonder, who’s eyes were wider? Yours are the little pugs? Take care and hope you have a great week. – gary

  3. This sounded interesting, at least! Fun. I would just love all the little doggies!

  4. Hey Claude- sounds like a long day- bet you wanted to go to the flea market instead! what was your favorite breed at the show?