Saturday, June 02, 2012


howdy.  It's been a while.  Everything is doing ok for now... actually, it's doing darned good.  I've got 300+ pages of fiction written... a really really really crappy first draft actually, but I have no idea where this blasted story line is going. 

I've also, for about as long as I can remember had a bit of a dream of a job in the back of my head.  something I always wanted to try... but everytime I thought it might happen... well... something else happened.  First, dad got sick and I had to take care of things... then mom got sick and I had to take care of things, and I always seemed to be taking care of everybody elses things and not doing a blasted thing for me... well, I'm at an age where it's now or never. 

I'll make a formal announcement later... after the DBA and all that is filed...

No other real news. 

I was driving home on memorial day, when some woman was driving down the wrong side of the street and banged into me.  no one hurt, but inconvienent as all hell... and trying to get that straightened out would be greatly expedited by said woman calling her insurance company.  I filed the claim, but not one word from her yet...

Anyway... I'm still around.  Kinda.  Hope all my blog friends are doing well...


  1. Well...howdy stranger!!! WOW...300 pages! That is impressive! Glad you are doing things for yourself now...things change after your parents are no longer around...I am finding out. Sorry about your bang-up with the lady...hope it squared away soon!!! The glosiosa here are are yours hanging...are they still in business???

  2. I'm glad you're doing okay. I haven't been blogging much myself lately. Starting a business is really time sucking. I hope your business takes off and that your writing sorts itself out.