Tuesday, February 21, 2012

just a quick hello...

just a quick howdy... I'm still kicking out here... This time I had to choose between paying for a truck repair and paying the dang phone/ISP provider.  I'm doing fine... working a few extra hours so that I can get everything paid for now.  Luckily I had a friend who let me borrow a PC and I can try to catch up with ya'll,

Here's something interesting though... the other day as sat down and started typing on word... and the next thing I know, I have 78 pages of fiction written.  I've been looking it over, and of course it's what I as an editor used to call a "Really Shitty First Draft..." ( yes, I'm pretty sure that IS the technical term) but I looked it over and I think I actually have something that could be turned into something.

Anyway... hope all my friends in blogland are doing wonderfully.  TA

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  1. Claude,
    Good hearing from you! Glad to know all is ok, well, other then that whole bill thing. I know all to well what you mean and what you are going through.

    78 pages of fiction you say? Hmm, is not most good fiction based on some bit of reality? LOL, I will not even try thinking of all the avenues your story line could be taking. I will however be waiting for my complimentary, “signed” volume, LOL. As entertaining as your blog post are, I am sure that you will be coming up with a most interesting read and would look forward to its being published.

    How grand it would be to own a novel to which I have been privy to a little more knowledge about the author then what is reveled in the overleaf of the dust cover. Please keep us informed as to your progress, I would find it most interesting to follow along in the process of novel creation and publishing. – gary