Tuesday, October 04, 2011

almost a month!

Wow!  How did that happen? 

well, a week of it I can account for... I spent it house-sitting at a friends house in Burlesson... actually, dog sitting with two of the stupidest canines on the face of the planet... I will redily admit that Cocker Spaniels are not my favorite breed of dog.  They're kinda like the Anna Nicole Smiths of the dog world... pretty, and they do what they do... But lets face it, nobody ever expected Shakespeare from Anna Nicole.  

And these two were no exception... I'd been sleeping there for 3 nights, and feeding them every morning and evening... and every time I came in from work they had no bloody idea who I was... finally, on the fourth day, they seemed to realize that this was the guy with food... about the sixth day they decided that I was definitely not there to kill them and I might actually be pretty nice... oh well.

The rest is just me being busy I guess.  As Grandma would say... "Runnin' round like a chicken with it's head cut off..."

Other than panicky dogs, the house sitting thing was actually a relief.  There's something about being in a house that you're familiar with, but isn't yours, that just relaxes you.  And the fact that the only computer out there is a laptop with a tiny little keyboard that my manpaws couldn't manage gave me a break from lots of things. 

Furthermore... it was also an excuse to not do things that I didn't wish to do but was somehow obligated to do... What?  Oh I'd love to watch a 50 year old movie at church with a bunch of 10 year olds while eating cheese sandwiches and drinking Kool-aid.. Really, there's nothing I'd like more.  But you see... I have to drive all the way to Burlesson to house sit.  Can't let those sweet puppies starve now can I?  Although, Burlesson is only 15 miles from the church, so that was pushing it... but you get the idea...


  1. nobody ever expected Shakespeare from Anna Nicole.

    Well, people have expected it, I'm sure. They were just really, really disappointed.

  2. You are such a bad boy running away from such fun at the church!!! Hehehehe. Did you see that the Foxtail Cactus you sent me is blooming?

  3. lol, the dogs have to come first!