Saturday, August 13, 2011

Last night... a small miracle occured...

It was all very confusing... I walked out of he house this morning and the first thing I noticed is that it didn't seem quite bright enough outside.  And it wasn't as hot as usual...

then, I felt something on top of my head.  A little cold spot suddently appeared... then another and another... on my head, my shoulders, my back... I looked up and something hit me in the eye...  not unpleasantly mind you, but still, it was jarring...

turned out to be... WATER. 

What is this?  Is my neighbors sprinkler system being a little overzealous?  No, water is coming down everywhere... terrified I ran into the house and turned on the TV...

Turns out that this mysterious phenomenon is called 'rain'

seriously folks... rain for the first time in well over a month feels miraculous.  And you have no idea how good 85 degrees feels when it's been in the mid hundreds for weeks on end.  It lifts your soul not to be oppressed by the very air that you're trying to breath.


  1. We had some rain this past week, and I swear I felt a tiny touch of fall in the air today!!! Very exciting!!!

  2. Claude,

    Glad to hear you have gotten a little relief from the heat and dryness. I am sure that after a month the rain was a little on the startling side but once you had your memory jogged a celebration was in order. Just be sure that you don’t get carried away with some type of pagan celebration that would get you arrested for indecency but by all means enjoy the rain. – gary

  3. Lol, now you know how Arizonans feel every time it rains! ;)

    Glad to hear you got some relief from your dry spell.

  4. Julie... Alas... I don't get any REAL fall until the end of October... heck I've even had Halloweens in the 90's...

    Gary... I try not to do naked Pagan dances anymore... it intimidates the neighbors...

    CelticRose... fear not, the heat's back. And when I walked outside I smelled the smoke from a grass fire... could be miles away though, the smell carries forever.

  5. I do understand what you're going through. Crunchy lawn and dust everywhere. I don't wish for any storms, but at least the Gulf does come through for us in the rain department when a hurricane rolls around.

    So, you're not a fan of Chardonnay? How about a crisp Pinot Grigio? Sipped while listening to the rain falling gently outside?

  6. I tend more towards the reds... a nice merlot speaks volumes to me... if it comes to whites... the German wines are more my style... a cheap Liebfraumilch suites me fine, but a Riesling is good too...