Friday, July 29, 2011

a random post about nothing at all...

you ever had one of those days when living in a cardboard box under the highway actually sounded like it might be a good idea? 

I mean, I always assumed that the homeless were under the overpass because they had no other options... It's starting to dawn on me that at least a few of them may be under there because they needed to get away from this batshit crazy world we live in.  

Well, I had that feeling today.  For a few minutes at least.  Then it dawned on me... I couldn't live in a cardboard box.  I'd have to have plywood.  Which entails finding some plywood, some 2 by 4's and some nails... and then it all started to look like an actual project, and I have to many projects already, so there we are.

we're on the 28th day straight of over 100 degrees outside, with absolutely no rain, and that's probably got a lot to do with my grumpiness.  Because, somehow, even with no rain, we're still getting high humidity.  Don't know where it's coming from.  There is a tropical disturbance on the coast, that might give us some relief when it makes landfall... the church guys are praying for it.  I don't quite know how I feel about praying up a tropical storm over Corpus Christi... but on the other hand the beach bums should be prepared for hurricanes so they're on their own. 

Now, this is a blog about gardening, right? 

Got nothing. 

How about a cut rate decorating tip... go to your local thrift store and get cheap florist vases that are either colored or painted glass... gather them in a group in the middle of a table, put a tea light in each, and they suddenly turn into really cool 'lanterns'   They're deep enough to protect the flame if you put them outside for garden parties too... not that there's any garden parties happening in this heat


  1. Claude,

    Let’s look at this whole paste board box under the overpass thing. Ok so for the sake of this comment let’s say you find gentle used snappy refrigerator box. You know something that would insight rage and envy in the other homeless guys there under the overpass. Now you have set up boxkeeping and I am sure you have brought one or two cacti just for heck of it. Now a local new reporter happens to come by and spots you little outpost of cardboard bliss and scales up the cement rampart to conduct an interview. That night your piece airs on the 6 o’clock news and the next morning you wake to find cars parked all up and down the road as people stand at the guard rail waiting to a picture of The Overpass Cactus Guy. Soon you’re on Oprah Rachel Rae, Today and The View and you interview from The View gets the attention of a producer in Hollywood and the next thing your doing a reality show from you box under the overpass, sweet!!!

    See your luck is still holding, not only do you have to put up with humid 100 degree weather but know you have bad comedy monologue’s being thrown at you from the east coast. Hoping you have a good weekend. – gary

  2. well that just took the fun out of everything... I was trying to get a little privacy... DAMN THE PAPARAZI! Why can't they leave me alone.

  3. hahahahahahahaha.

  4. It is a "batshit crazy world" for sure, Claude. You've proven once again that a little humor is better than a hurricane to give us a break from this heat and various other oppressive things. Have you read the Idiot Gardener's latest post?