Saturday, June 25, 2011

flea market stuff...

Well just one flea market stuff...

Got a wonderful vintage TV lamp... from the 50's... perfect condition.

bad pic... the boat is actually brighter yellow... and there's a place in the top for a plant... most of these I saw growing up had a plastic ivy in them... the light, which shines from inside, is red...

Can't find the maker, but it's in perfect condition, and I've priced it at 45 bucks.

Anyway... hadn't posted for a while, so I had to post SOMETHING and there we are.


  1. Is this a night light??? Pretty neat piece!!!

  2. well, it would make a good night light... but they were made to sit on top of those huge console TV's everybody used to have. The best known ones... and the most collectable, were made by KRON in Brownsville TX

  3. That's a really nice find. I haven't seen any TV lamp similar to this one yet. I like the that even a plant can added to it, even if it was only an artificial one.
    Paula Jo

  4. How cool! I saw one of those TV pieces of furniture (the TV went inside)...and I have seen how people turn them into terrariums and fish tanks and such nowadays too. When I was growing up we didn't have the console kind of TV...ours was large but sat on a stand. I love those old consoles. One of these lamps would be very nice to have even now...I would love to see what they have at Ebay as well. Thanks for showing! Learn something new every day!