Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Well, I was out in Mansfield again today, with a very few minutes, so I decided to stop by the cemetary to check out the cemetary cactus... they're putting out their fruits this time of year, and in about a month or so they'll be blooming their fool heads off. (The blooms are the ones in the header pic)

I've done some checking around, and this is evidently one of the few remaining areas where these plants are growing in a wild or semi-wild state in this area... would have gotten a few more pics, but I got an order and had to run...

I was intent on blogging today. I'm trying to make a point of blogging, as I've been very lazy about it lately. Actually, not so much lazy, as working on another writing project. It would appear that, when it comes to typing, I have only so many words a day before my brain says 'no more'
But here's a few pics from the yard... some pansies...

The Rosemary is blooming too... usually it blooms in December, if it's gonna, but this year it decided to surprise me... I'm one of the few people I know who like rosemary blooms... I've always thought they looked like tiny little orchids...

And the Southern Snowflakes are going haywire...

And that's really about it. I know, not very exciting huh?


  1. R U KIDDING ME????? I love those snowflakes! Wowzers! My Mom has a huge bush of rosemary and it has never bloomed to my knowledge...will have to ask her...

    You are so think you ain't got nothin...and you have the most interesting and beautiful posts!!!

    I am wondering about this other writing project...anything you will share eventually??? Nosy, I am!!!

    I am still at my son's house tonight, but plan on going home for some toast with prickly pear jelly and butter, of course...I can hardly wait!!!!!


  2. Julie, a little work of fiction that's been bouncing around inside my head for a while... I think I'm just writing it to free up some space in my skull.

    I'd tell you all about it... but I'm supersticious about talking about my writing.

    and I'm not sure it's any good.

    besides, it's still in the really really crappy first draft phase...

  3. Actually, that's pretty darn exciting.

    Just wiki'd it, and snowflakes/snowdrops did turn out to be two different things! So I learned something new from this post. :D



  4. Claude- my little cemetary cactus has nary a fruit! I can't find the other plant you sent me~it's under all my flowers..Will post about them soon. Love the snowflakes!!1

  5. I think it's neat the way you take us around with you on your travels.

  6. oh I covet those snowflakes!!! I've got to see if I can find those around here...yumm!!!

  7. My cemetery cactus is still a tiny thing--I really think it's too hot for it here. At least it's still alive though, and can aspire to the size of the one you show.