Friday, January 29, 2010

driving around, nothing much at all...

so, I was at a warehouse South of Mansfield the other day, when I saw these guys beside the parking lot... I've got a new camera, and have been dying to take a picture of something, anything really, and these were the best I could come up with.

Donkeys are notoriously unpredictable, so I took this shot from the truck window...

then I got out of the truck, hoping they'd let me get close enough to take a better pic... well they made a b-line straight for me...

I suspect the warehouse guys have been sneaking them apples and other treats... that's the only reason I know that they'd be so friendly to strangers.

Not great shots, but I'm getting used to the new camera.
But don't be expecting many more pics anytime soon... rained all day yesterday, and we're looking at more of the same today. Absolutely hell to drive in... and everybody keeps loading things in the back of my open pick-up truck, then telling me they can't get wet...
Uhhhh.... did you ever think of wrapping them in plastic? Even a garbage bag would do it...
or better yet, when you call the courier company, tell them it can't get wet, and they'll be glad to send a covered truck... DUH


  1. Aww... cute donkeys.

  2. That last donkey shot is fantastic!!!

  3. Claude, great photo's. All ways enjoy your posts. - G

  4. LOL, Claude, I was out taking pics of donkeys too! They had on bright colorful coats! Did yours rush at you thinking you had feed?