Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm trying to be a good blogger...

but the planet doesn't seem inclined to cooperate with this endeavor.

The pictures are just things in the yard... nothing too exciting, but I finally figured out what was with the camera, so I decided to take a few shots...

But here's what's been happening... Last week, I drove all day on a rather slow Monday. Then I got an order to pick up on Tuesday and drive all the way to Austin... aproximately 200 miles. Good $$$, so 7 am Tuesday, I'm picking it up and gone, back in DFW about 3:30... (and I suppose I should mention, it rained each and every inch of the way... not a nice polite rain either... we're talking a no visibility near biblical deluge type of rain) and then straight home... (this is why couriers charge so much for longer trips... one is all they can do per day as opposed to 7 to 12 smaller ones...)

Wednesday, I drive small trips all day, and dispatch suddenly calls and says they have something that has to get 250 miles to Houston, do I want it? Well of course I want it. I'm thinking I'll pick this up, get into Houston about 7 or 8 PM, find a bar, have some fun, check into a cheap motel and drive back tomorrow....

So they send me the order. Turns out it's a round trip... extra $$$, but now I have to deliver the machine part to the factory, pick up the bad one for repair, and be back in Dallas before 5 AM. No R&R, no fun, no sleep. That's just annoying.

But, on the way back, at about 2 AM, I did stop along Hwy 45, which is rather desolate... there's not many towns directly on that Highway, and spent a few minutes stretching my legs, which is very neccesary if you're driving for a long time and late at night. It gets your blood moving and helps keep you alert. Since you're away from city lights, you can look up and see stars, and even pick out part of the milky way. Quite a sight to see actually... I saw 4 shooting stars in the space of 10 minutes.

so, I get back into Dallas about 4 am, get the part where it's going, and I miss the next days work entirely. I'd driven more than 20 hours, the only thing getting delivered was my butt into a bed. And BTW... this is my birthday. Weee Haw.

Drove Friday. All day. Till far too late...

Drove Monday. All day... for not much actually...

And today, I had to take off to go sign papers for the estate. Calling somebody else to find out why they're taking automatic withdrawals from Mom's account, even though they saw the Death Certificate over a Month ago... Not the end of it unfortunately. I'm gonna be dealing with all this stuff for the next 6 months it appears.

And it's an absolutely beautiful day outside, of the kind that we have very few of in the Dallas Ft. Worth metroplex, and I'm stuck trying to do this @#$%&*!

As I mentioned before, my birthday was last week... the 1 month aniversary of Moms death (a fact I mention because several ever-so-thoughtful-weasel-people made special phone calls to point it out to me, so evidently it's very important!) I spent the day sleeping between phone calls from afore mentioned weasel-people and the evening at a friends house having an extremely informal dinner.
Actually a wee bit too informal. It was me, a friend from High School, and the computer. Specifically, some guy that she'd met online who lives in Cairo, Egypt, and who's face kept popping up in a chat window on her computer screen...
"Isn't he cuuuuuute?" she asked.
"If you're into sasquatch." I answered.
and I went out last weekend to see some people.
No one I knew,
just people.
Any people.
I didn't care.

and that's how I've been spending my time....

And that's all for my rants today... I interspersed it with some decent pics, so it shouldn't be too depressing....



  1. Happy Birthday...!!! Mine was on Sunday...the 18th...I turned 53!

    You have been very busy, but it is always fun to read about what all you go through with your deliveries! And you really make me laugh with some of your humor...like talking about the "extremely casual " dinner. I was envisioning, like, what...naked??? What is more casual than casual? LOL! Anyway...nice pics of your yard plants too...it did make for a thouroughly enjoyable post!

    Good luck with getting all your Moms stuff in order...never fun, but you will be so happy when it is all done and taken care of!

    Hang tight...and just want to say I am looking forward to your next creative rant!

  2. Driving with deliveries sounds very tiring. I like your description of the rain being 'not a nice polite rain'!

    How amazing to see four shooting stars in 10 minutes - I don't think I've ever seen one.

    I'm sorry to hear about your loss of your mother.

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Claude! It may take longer for the estate to settle-remember the "dumbing down of Americia" Not very many things get done without screw-ups anymore!! Love your stories of your job! Thanks for remembering the rockrose!

  4. Happy belated birthday, Claude. I've been neglectful in visiting all my regular blogs--the weather finally is decent around here so there's lots to be done. Your photos are nice! We could sure use some of the rain you've been getting in Texas. Even my prickly pears are dried up.

  5. Happy Birthday! I'm glad to hear you still have a sense of humor after all that "stuff" you've had to deal with lately. Love to read your rants, and I wish more bloggers would be as transparent/honest about life.