Monday, September 14, 2009

cactus in the rain...

First, just so I won't be accused of Prickly Pear abuse, I would like to point out that the neglected Optunia humifusa from the previous post has been potted up in his own 5 inch clay pot, and will soon, no doubt, be happily growing along... the dead looking pad in the middle is typical of the species. Old pads die off as the new ones grow and root... the miniaturized pad that's lying on the soil surface already has new roots going into the ground at least an inch. The new pad that's growing up from the old roots will probably end up regular sized for the plant, what with new soil and the right amount of light, so it'll grow out at least 4 inches... we'll see.

It's been raining for 5 days straight! All my neighbors keep gushing about how we need it... I keep reminding them that I grow cactus, and I don't need it! The Pavonia keeps opening up it's blooms though, even if they do end up looking a little droopy from the water...
And Charcoal Briquette Kitty does not like this one little bit...

But the lower temps and extra water have prompted Hildy (Cereus hildmannianus) to put out some new buds. 15 that I've counted, although they're low on the plant and hard to find among the Prickly Pear pads that surround the pot. There may be more. And more buds may yet form higher on the plant... we'll see.

I will be picking up a new (used) truck tomorrow. Sorely needed, I assure you. My little Isuzu in about on it's last legs, but I'll probably keep it until I'm sure the new one isn't spending too much time in the shop.
I don't like spending money. I'm not particularly good at it, and it's kept me in a tempermental, worried fit over the last few days. Silly of me, but there we are. But I've bit the bullet... and now it's done.


  1. Thank you Claude
    I think opuntia is well grow now .
    and here rain also, the cactus are happy LOL.

  2. Did you plant that little feller on the side of the pot, so the one peice could be suipported on the lip of the pot? It looks so happy now! Can't wait to see it grow!

    Can you believe that Hildy is putting out THAT many buds!!! You are really in for a show! I think she is celebrating with you that you have a new truck! I am too!

    Congrats on that money spending, Claude! You will be much happier in the long run! I hope!

  3. Send some of that rain here! This is one of the driest years on record for the Phoenix area, and it sure has done a number on my plants. They're scorched, dry and slow to recover as the weather cools. But, it's not going to cool much--prediction is we'll have a few days of 106 degrees over the next week. Getting tougher and tougher to take!
    All your cacti look good! Hope they don't get root rot.