Tuesday, November 04, 2008

happy election day!

So I was at the poll bright and early this morning! I'm not going to tell you I voted for though. My father was in the Army for 27 years altogether, and the right to a private vote is very important to me, and most of my family, so we never discuss who we vote for. So, I show up in the polls as one of those awful 'undecided' voters. Actually, I decided a long time ago, but the polls don't have a "they told us to mind our own business" category. I can say this though... I do not doubt the sincerity or honesty of either of the candidates this year. I hope whoever wins can get the economy back on track and get our soldiers home.

Which brings me to another subject... reports of people making phone calls to voters telling them that Democrats are being asked to wait until Wednesday to vote, or that the police will be waiting to arrest anybody with traffic tickets at the polls... This kind of bull happens during every election, but there appears to be more of it this year. Now, there haven't been many reports of it here in Texas, but I sincerely hope that the citizens of the states where it is happening start a letter writing campaign to their newly elected representatives, demanding that this sort of behaviour be prosecuted. (Technically, it is against the law, but there are very few if any prosecutions.) In this day and age of technical ability, it cannot be that difficult to track these people down. As I mentioned before, I come from a military family, and to think that there are persons undermining the basic right that makes this country what it is, and that my ancestors fought so hard for, just gets up my nose.

Ok, I'm off my soap box.

I intend to spend much of this evening in front of the Television watching the results, and chearing for my side! GO TEAM!


  1. I have to wonder how anyone could be so out of it to not know when Election Day is. That whole thing was a joke on one to the TV programs, and I guess it got out of control.

  2. Hey Claude---I am on CNN, and they are projecting holograms of their correspondents out in the field...pretty amazing! WOW.